Information about Coronavirus

Floyd Ltd continues its operation without interruption and resumes its order-related obligations.

We introduced extraordinary disinfection methods both in terms of staff and fleet.

We regularly inform our partners about actual status.

We were there! – Model Railway Exhibition, Debrecen

Floyd once again took part in the railway model exhibition, exhibiting electric locomotive out in the open area, which was a great success among the many visitors.

Steam locomotive 424 praised the work of István Zagyva, although still not painted, but in a fully operational state, was one of the main models of the exhibition.

On the field table, Dacia 429 004 has raised Floyd's reputation.

We were there! – ERA VI. regional workshop

On October 17th, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics hosted the regional workshop of the European Railway Agency as a usual venue.

Beside the leaders of the different working groups of the ERA, staff from other countries' Railway Authorities were given the opportunity to present their work as well.

Participants received the answer for the most important question of nowadays: Will there be life on European railways after June 16, 2019?

We were there! – Mobile car repair demonstration and professional consultation

MVMSZ's (Hungarian Private Wagon Association) professional meeting was held in Hatvan, where two of the companies involved in the repair of railway wagons had a presentation about the implementation of the services.

Apart from on-site repair works, participants also discussed professional issues about daily problems and possibilities of solving these.

We were there! – Constanza Port Day

Every year, millions of tons of goods is transported between Hungary and the port of Constanza, so approaching the end of the year the port representative in Budapest invited the forwarding specialists for a joint dinner and an evening cruise on the Danube.

The greeting was followed by the presentation of Alexandru Madalin Craciun, Commercial Director of the Port, where he reported on the development works of the port and the volume of deliveries. The evening was closed by business talks and discussions.

We were there! – “EUROGATE – Reception”

Again, it was time for the EUROGATE Intermodal leadership to invite its largest clients and partners in Hungary to their annual reception.

This year, the company's managing director, Mr. Lars Hedderich, greeted the representatives and staff of shipping companies, terminals and forwarders.

The Hemingway Restaurant has guaranteed this year as well for a great evening atmosphere, where guests could have interesting conversations with each other.

We were there! – MÁV became 150 years old

On the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the MÁV, a professional day and an international railway vehicle parade took place in the Railway History Park from the 7th to 9th of September. The event, on which the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the MÁV Nosztalgia was as well celebrated, was opened by Róbert Homolya, President and CEO of MÁV Zrt., who welcomed the guests.

During this festive weekend, the organizers were waiting for railways-interested quests with real steam locomotives and locomotives’ parade, where also Floyd Zrt presented his locomotive.

We were there! – Danube – Black Sea Canal Meets Hungarian Partners

It was the second time that the Representative Office of Port Constanta in Hungary, with prestigious guests, His Excellency Marius Lazurca, Ambassador of Romania in Hungary and Ionel Minea, Minister of Transport of Romania.

The guests received comprehensive information on the development and potential of the channel by Daniel Georgescu, CEO of Administration of Navigable Canals S.H., in his presentation.

The evening was spent in style on the Danube, on the board of 'Budapest' cruise ship, with a pleasant dinner and informal conversations.

We were there! – Night of Museums in Budapest

By fulfilling the invitation of the Railway History Park, our company was also represented on the Night of Museums on 23rd June 2018. The visitors could walk in candle light around the exhibited locomotives. Our company appeared with the 609 003 Sulzer, and our colleagues presented the loco to interested visitors. Thank you for the invitation to the Railway History Park.

Photo: Antal Fejes

We were there! –Reception of Port of Hamburg in Budapest

This time, a double jubilee was celebrated at Port of Hamburg’s reception. Not only the 829th birthday of the port but also the arrival of the first vessel carrying only containers, 50 years ago.

Hamburg is now part of the world's first 20 container ports, and is one of Europe's, thereunder as well Hungary’s most important world trade transhipment points.

The guests were welcomed by the President of Hafen Hamburg Marketing, Mr. Ingo Egloff and Krisztina Kovács, Head of the Budapest Representation Office.

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